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A Tribute to Basil / Basilico

Last updated on February 27, 2021

basil, herbs, plant, garden
Basil Plant


Where/what would the cooking and Italian world be today without basil/basilico?

Probably in the Neolithic Age, picking dandelions and trying to find a herb to make tomato sauce and pizza and pesto taste a mite better.

It’s so easy to grow at home year-long from seed.

basil, herbs, plant, garden, terra cotta pots
Basil Is Easy To Grow


And it adds a sweetness to any dish.

The aroma freshens the scent in any kitchen. And for savouriness, what “real” Italian would even think about cooking sauce or pesto without this wonderful, magical herb.

basil, herbs, plant, garden
Try Basil On Your Pizza


basil, herbs, plant, garden, pesto
Basil Pesto

On an ending note, and for the most flavour, just remember to “tear” the leaves ….. never slice or cut using a knife. Enjoy ….. and tutti a tavola a mangare!

-Jim Riga 

Jim Riga is a retired school teacher who loves to cook, and to share his love of herbs.


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