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Garden From Home

About UHF

Hi There! We are Frank and Jade and we welcome you to Urban Hobby Farmer (UHF).

Urban Hobby Farmer (UHF) ; Garden From Home (GFH)

We started Urban Hobby Farmer because of our love of growing and sustainability.

When we met nearly 15 years ago, one of the elements that brought us together was our common dream of earning a living online, while having a home outside of the city limits, in a more country setting, with the intent to grow as much as our own food as possible. It was not about saving money at the grocery store, it was about being able to grow from home for the joy of it, and enjoying the hobby farm lifestyle. We hoped to have a garden with a variety of fruit trees, vines, and vegetable plants, along with a green house for some tropical vegetation, a bee hive for a honey source, and a water source (man-made if need be) with some fish in it.

Then life happened.

A combination of bad luck, health challenges, and some basic mistakes (we have since learned from), put our family on a different path. Our plans to buy and move to our dream hobby farm was put on hold, while we focused on different priorities. It took us years to get back to some measure of stability. We are continuing to work on our health while we have successfully transitioned to working from home. So, our plans changed to the idea of one day retiring to a hobby farm.

Along the way, there was always garden-growing. Even if we only had a small balcony, or our current deck space attached to our one bedroom apartment, we do our best to keep green close to our heart and home.

Garden From Home

Our philosophy is that if you cannot get yourself to the hobby farm, then bring the hobby farm to you and Garden From Home. Whether you are still aiming to modify your life and relocate to reside on a hobby farm far away from any civilization, or you are settling down in an urban area within the city limits there are always ways to Garden From Home. We learned some ideas along the way, and over the course of Urban Hobby Farmer we are going to share everything with you.

Garden Without Rules

One of the first secrets of success that we want to share with you, is that there is more than one way to be a successful Urban Hobby Farmer. The only real rule is to find ways to grow that make you happy.

That’s it.

Do you want to grow herbs in empty metal coffee cans on the porch?

Go for it.

Do you want to have a collection of hydroponic plant machines indoors?

Make it so.

Do you want to turn your entire backyard and front lawn into an oasis of vines and produce?

It can happen.

Do you want to buy the fancies planters and full scale watering system on the market to impress your neighbors in your gated community?

By all means.

So you want to scout out real estate that you can convert to a fully functioning hobby farm complete with livestock?

The world is yours to create!

Whatever your goal, and whatever your interest, and whatever level of green thumb you are at, Urban Hobby Farmer want to help guide you to make your Garden-From-Home dreams come true.

We hope you will invite us to join you on your journey and that you will share with us, your photos and stories on our blog.


Frank and Jade