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My Favorite Plant: Lilac Bush

Last updated on February 27, 2021

When I was just a child. I enjoyed going to my grandmother’s home in the country. It was a farm with all the trappings. Hogs, cattle, chickens, corn fields, bean fields and lots of land for me to hunt and fish on. It was an oasis for me. A place I could get away from the city in which I lived but also get away from my father who was a heavy drinker. 

One of the fondest memories I have was of grandma’s flower gardens. She had roses, tulips, Irises plus she had a garden and rose bushes all around the house but there was a bush on the side of the house that in the Spring would emit a fragrance that still today gives me a feeling of ecstasy  when the smell would drift through the air and enter my nose. It was an overwhelming odor of pure delight. Still today as I jog through the streets in the Spring I can smell this bush from a great distance and I always stop to smell it. It reminds me of the days long ago when I was a child. A time of a carefree life on the farm with my grandparents.  

That flower that bloomed was on a Lilac bush. How delightful the aroma was and is. I often break off a branch of flowers when I run onto one while doing my jog. I take it home, put it in a vase and enjoy the beauty and fragrance just as I did when I was young. 

These bushes grow to be quite large. Anywhere from 5 to 8 feet tall with a width of 4 to 6 feet or at least that has been the size of the bushes I have seen and I have seen many. I never pass up a chance to enjoy the beauty and fragrance of these gifts from the Gods. There is no perfume which can compare to these in full bloom. 

As I write I wonder why I have never had one of these bushes of divinity in my yard. Well, maybe someday soon. My grandmother knew the best time to plant these was in the late Fall before the ground freezes. She would always plant them where  they would get at least 6 hours of sunlight  a day.

She also pruned them right  after they bloomed. She had to keep them pruned because if she didn’t they would not bloom out fully the next year. I also remember a year or two when they did not bloom. I am not sure why this happened but it was quite a disappointment for me. I looked forward to the blooming of Lilacs as much as my birthday parties. 

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Mark Daniels lives in the U.S. He is a single father of 6 children (5 boys and 1 girl). 

He, has lived in and traveled to many foreign countries. His life is one of adventure and triumph over seemingly  insurmountable obstacles. His book Coming Back Home truly displays the power of perseverance and the never-give-up attitude and can be purchased on Amazon.                   


Mark’s  motto: Just get back up one more time.

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